Become a MUSC Cardiovascular Perfusion Clinical Instructor

A student learning how to be a clinical perfusionist

Program Overview

The accredited Cardiovascular Perfusion (CVP) program at the Medical University of South Carolina prepares students to become clinical perfusionists. The program provides a high-quality academic foundation, assists with developing clinical skills, and facilitates student-driven cardiac surgical research. Students in the program complete basic science courses, perfusion specific courses, and are trained using a high-fidelity simulator in a state-of-the-art operating room.

Upon completion of the program, the student is awarded a Master of Science degree in Cardiovascular Perfusion and is eligible to register for the basic science national certification exam. After completing an additional 40 procedures in clinical practice, they will be eligible for the clinical application in perfusion exam. Applicants successfully completing both parts of the examination process will achieve Certified Clinical Perfusionist (CCP) status.

Clinical Education

During their second year, students are required to complete outside clinical rotations to gain additional experience. Each student will be the primary perfusionist on a minimum of 75 clinical cardiac surgery cases. The program works with high-quality clinical affiliates around the country to provide students with clinical experiences in neonatal, infant, pediatric and adult perfusion, heart, liver; and lung transplantation, ECMO, ventricular assist devices, and blood salvaging.

Get Involved

You can help prepare future perfusionists and make an impact on our profession. The CVP program at MUSC is always looking for new opportunities to provide clinical instruction for our students. Clinical instructors are an integral part of the teaching program. Instructors will serve as role models for the student and, through guidance and teaching, will help students prepare autonomous, compassionate, competent, and ethical entry-level perfusionists.

We are currently seeking clinical instructors for all cardiac surgical procedures.

If you are interested in becoming a clinical instructor, please contact
William Dauch at | 843-792-8404