Physician Assistant Studies Program

The clinical year of the Physician Assistant Studies Program consists of nine supervised clinical experiences including required rotations in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Mental Health, one Adjunct Clinical Experience (ACE), and one elective. The purpose of these experiences is to provide hands-on practical training to physician assistant students enabling them to integrate the knowledge obtained in the basic medical science, applied medical science and behavioral science curricula and use this in the diagnosis and treatment of patients in a supervised clinical education setting. These rotations are designed to build competence in fundamental clinical skills through practice and feedback and to enhance confidence in preparation for graduation and the practice of medicine as a PA.

Meet Our Team 

Meredith Provost

Traci Coward

John Bowers

Misty Henly

  • Role: Administrative support for student compliance

Melissa Greene

  •  Role: Administrative Support for affiliation agreements