Administrative Staff

Steve Kautz, PhD, Core DirectorSteve Kautz, Ph.D.
Core Director

Dr. Kautz designed and equipped the individual laboratories that constitute the Quantitative Behavioral Assessment & Rehabilitation (QBAR) Core shortly after his recruitment to MUSC in 2010. Dr. Kautz designed and directed a similarly organized laboratory at the VA Brain Rehabilitation Research Center in Gainesville, FL for six years and has a history of funding with direct relevance to behavioral assessment and rehabilitation. Over the past 12 years, he has been Principal Investigator (or Co-Principal Investigator) of 16 different awards in stroke rehabilitation totaling more than $7 million, relatively evenly split between the NIH and the VA. He is well-published and widely recognized as an expert in applying biomechanical and neurophysiological principles to understand the coordination of movement in persons with post-stroke hemiparesis. His research combines theoretical and experimental studies of the control of movement, functional biomechanics, and clinical neurorehabilitation with the goal of improving function in persons with neurological disorders. He has nearly 20 years of experience in measuring motor performance related to neuromuscular control (nearly all in persons after stroke or healthy control subjects) and has published more than 70 peer-reviewed articles.

Dr. Kautz also mentors faculty through his role as director of QBAR. He has substantial experience in mentoring junior faculty, having served as primary mentor for five Assistant Professors who have been awarded VA Career Development Awards (mentoring all five in quantitative behavioral analyses in stroke rehabilitation research). In total, he has served as a mentor on 17 mentored grants for junior faculty, either NIH K awards or VA Career Development Awards, with a majority of the mentees (12) pursuing stroke rehabilitation research.


Randal Davis headshotRandal Davis, MBA
Director, Strategic Research Initiatives

Mr. Davis is a member of the Stroke Recovery Research Center (SRRC) Executive Committee and is the Center’s Evaluation Director. Additionally, he serves as the College’s Director of Strategic Research Initiatives. He has a high level of proficiency with a broad range of general and specialized software tools for grant and project management and has extensive experience as a project/administrative officer on various multi-year municipal, state, and federal grants with emphasis on team science across multiple public/private institutions.


LuAnne O'Connor, Grants AdministratorLuAnne O'Connor
Grants Administrator

Ms. O'Connor is responsible for business management and administration of the Administrative Core of the SRRC. Specifically, she is responsible for post-award financial management, including handling budgetary/personnel allocations, monitoring spending, and preparing financial reports. She is also responsible for ensuring that all activities are in compliance with Federal, State, Institutional, and award-specific regulations and requirements.


Holly BogganHolly Boggan, MHA
RESTORE Program Coordinator

Ms. Boggan has a Master’s in Healthcare Administration and works as the recruiting coordinator for RESTORE Registry for Stroke Recovery. She works in inpatient and outpatient settings to recruit stroke survivors for the Registry, the vehicle other studies at the SRRC use to recruit for their studies. In addition to research recruitment and data collection, she assists in outreach programs and marketing campaigns.


Alyssa ChesnuttAlyssa Chesnutt
Research Physical Therapist Assistant

Mrs. Chesnutt is a research physical therapist assistant who works on many of the lower extremity research studies at the SRRC. In addition to assisting with research recruitment and data collection, Mrs. Chesnutt plays a large role in the community outreach efforts by leading several SRRC-supported annual events, facilitating the Young Stroke Survivor Support Group, and sharing information about the SRRC to area clinicians and stroke survivors.


Brenna Baker Vogel headshotBrenna Baker-Vogel
Program/Research Assistant

Mrs. Baker-Vogel is a program/research assistant who mainly works on upper extremity stroke rehabilitation studies, which also includes brain stimulation at the SRRC. In addition to research recruitment and data collection, Mrs. Baker-Vogel assists in the community outreach efforts by coordinating SRRC-supported annual events and sharing information about the SRRC to other Center-affiliated team members.


Amy Ellis, Administrative AssistantAmy Ellis
Administrative Assistant

Ms. Ellis provides Administrative Support for Dr. Kautz and the Administrative team for activities related to the management of the SRRC. She handles scheduling, coordination, and follow-up for all meetings. She is responsible for organizing all SRRC-related travel arrangements and reimbursements in compliance with Federal, State, and Institutional travel policies and allowances. 


Chris SchachteChris Schachte, IT Coordinator

Mr. Schachte is the Information Technology Coordinator for the Center, acting primarily as the Webmaster. Please feel free to contact him with any questions regarding the content or presentation of the website and information technology of the Stroke Recovery Research Center.