Frequently Asked Questions for the Master of Science in Extracorporeal Science

The MS-ECS program is 21 months or 5 academic semesters). Each semester consists of 9 to 10 credits (3 courses per semester).

All coursework is delivered online through both asynchronous and synchronous learning methods. We utilize innovative software technologies to engage our students regardless of where they live.

No. The curriculum is completely online. Students are not required to travel to the U.S. during the program.

No. Graduates of the MS-ECS program would not meet the requirements for U.S. based employment. Due to the completely distance-based nature of the curriculum, the MS-ECS program does not satisfy the accreditation requirements for board certification eligibility. Applicants interested in U.S. based perfusion employment should pursue our Master of Science in Cardiovascular Program (CVP).

The program does not provide direct hands-on clinical experience. Students enrolling in the program would receive only clinical knowledge and theory. Clinical experience that satisfies local accreditation requirements would be provided by the students’ prospective employer.

Yes. International applicants who have completed their college coursework outside of the U.S. must have a transcript evaluation performed. Additionally, applicants who do not speak English as their native language must complete the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).