Alpha Eta National Honor Society

Alpha Eta

In 1975, the Alpha Eta Society, a national scholastic honor society, was created for promotion and recognition of scholarship, leadership, and contributions to the health professions. In 2009, a chapter of the Alpha Eta Society was established at the Medical University of South Carolina, with the goal of promoting these same merits among our college constituency.

The Chapter is named in memory of Dr. Benjamin F. Lawson, dean emeritus of the College of Health Professions. Membership in the Alpha Eta Society can be awarded to no more than 20% of the graduate degree recipients of each cohort. Inductees must have a 3.95 cumulative grade point average or better and meet the program specific eligibility criteria outlined in their program handbooks. Programs with Pass/Fail grading scales have eligibility processes outlined in their program handbooks, as well.

Members of the Alpha Eta Society have the privilege of wearing the green honor cords with their academic regalia and will receive insignia pins and membership certificates at the time of their graduation.