Master of Science in Cardiovascular Perfusion

About the Profession

Perfusionists operate life support devices to support patients’ circulatory and respiratory systems. The perfusion profession is relatively small with fewer than 4,000 practitioners in the United States; however, with the growing elderly population and the development of new heart support devices, experienced, and well trained perfusionists will be in demand for many years to come.

Some perfusionists also have leadership roles that include budgeting, equipment purchasing, hiring, and scheduling of staff. Graduates also gain employment as researchers, teachers or consultants to equipment manufacturers.

Perfusionists who graduate from an AC-PE accredited perfusion training program are eligible to take the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion Certification Exam which is recognized nationally. In addition, some states have a licensing process which usually includes a requirement for ABCP certification.

MUSC Offers Two Programs in Cardiovascular Perfusion

Master of Science in Cardiovascular Perfusion – Entry Level

Master of Science in Cardiovascular Perfusion – Post Professional

Meet the Faculty

Joseph J. Sistino, Ph.D., CCP, FPP




David Fitzgerald, MPH, CCP, LP

David Fitzgerald, DHA, MPH, CCP, LP
Division Director 
Instructor | 843-792-8404



Laura Dell'Aiera, MHA, CCP
Clinical Coordinator
Instructor | 843-792-8508           

Laura Dell'Aiera 

Staff Support

D'Andra Roper-Shine
Administrative Coordinator


Michael Antoine
Student Services Coordinator
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