Course Descriptions & Curriculum


The coursework for the Post-Professional Occupational Therapy Doctorate is completed on a part-time basis over the course of five semesters. Students complete four core courses, then choose from electives to build an independent study in their desired focus area. Choose from a specialty track in teaching, leadership, population health, or advanced practice. In the last two semesters, students will design, complete, and present a doctoral experimental project. View the curriculum schedule.

Course Descriptions

Core Courses

Building Academic Teaching Skills
This course provides an overview of the principles of adult learning; instructional design, instructional methods, skills, media, and evaluation; and instructional technology for use in health and rehabilitation sciences. Emphasis will be on the design, delivery, and evaluation of selected units of instruction. Under guided conditions, graduate students will hone teaching skills for use in a wide variety of contexts. 3CH

Advanced Clinical Outcomes
This course will discuss the broad array of clinical outcomes and their uses from monitoring individual clients to determining Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services payments. In addition to interpreting the psychometrics of outcome measures, students will become aware of the challenges of collecting and using outcome measures in practice and explore methods for facilitating their collection and use. 3CH

Population-Based Health
An overview of population health will be presented including discussion of determinants of health that influence the distribution of outcomes within a population. Policies and interventions that impact determinants of health and the impact of occupational therapy on populations will be discussed. Topics will include discussion of global and public health as related to occupational therapy practice. 3CH

Leadership & Management Ill
This course will discuss contemporary service delivery and management as related to increasingly complex health care and social environments. Students will be introduced to concepts and principles of leadership and management including healthcare policy and reform, advocacy, business management, and healthcare administration. Principles of grant writing will also be addressed as a vehicle to secure funds in needed areas of practice and research. 3CH

Scholarship in Occupational Therapy
Students will complete a literature review and design a project focused on their defined track and area of concentration with a plan formulated to implement the project during the doctoral experiential component. 3CH

Doctoral Experiential Component
The doctoral experiential component will develop occupational therapists with advanced skills by providing an in-depth experience in one or more of the following: clinical practice skills, research skills, administration, leadership, program and policy development, advocacy, education, or theory development. 6CH

Leadership Track Courses

Seminar in Health Services Leadership
In this leadership course, students will apply knowledge and skills acquired through academic literature, research, guest lectures, class discussions, and learning exercises. This course will synthesize all the portions of the core and leadership track coursework and focus on the leadership experiences in the student's careers to facilitate potential changes and personal growth. 3CH

Seminar in Ethical Leadership
This course is intended to help students gain insight into ethical considerations in several settings: individual; organizational; bioethical and in the concept or organizational social responsibility. Students will gain an appreciation for the historical roots of western ethical precepts as the foundation for our current legal and ethical principles. Students apply a model of ethical resolution through cases as well as more recent developments in the public press. Professional codes of ethics will be referenced, highlighting the concept of distinguishing individual, organizational, and professional ethics. In addition, students will be exposed to and discuss several advanced tools of leadership including building alliances, persuasion, negotiation, motivating others, gender bias in the workplace and self-development. These tools will be hiqhliqhted and discussed for their leadership value and ethical implications. 3CH

Teaching Track Courses

Advanced Instructional Design
This course provides an in-depth understanding of instructional design, instructional methods, skills, media, and evaluation for health professionals teaching in academia, clinical, and community settings. Emphasis will be on the development of advanced teaching skills with the opportunity to practice skill delivery in simulated and/or real-life contexts. 3CH

Teaching Practicum
Students will work with assigned OT faculty to develop teaching materials for an assigned course. Students will provide class instruction and be evaluated on instructional design, instructional methods, skills, media, and evaluation methods of course content. 3CH

Population Health Courses

Foundations of Public Health
An introduction to the principles and core functions of public health and to selected public health theories. Students will gain an understanding of the role of public health and its core functions to better understand patterns of diseases, global threats to health, and factors contributing to disparate health outcomes in population groups. 3CH

Community-Based Practice
Opportunity for individuals and/or small group of students to actively participate with faculty members or community preceptors in innovative community-based experiences that will improve the health needs of diverse communities. Students will gain experience examining how their professional skills may be harnessed to respond to the health objectives embedded in Healthy People 2020. 3CH

Advanced Practice Courses

Advanced Treatment Theories and Techniques
Presents an opportunity for students to study new and/or specialized treatment techniques, and their theoretical foundations, in a particular area of practice. Practical applications of the selected treatment techniques are analyzed. 3CH

Clinical Practicum
Students will work with assigned OT faculty and/or clinician to increase knowledge and skill in a specialty area of practice. Students will develop a portfolio demonstrating clinical experiences in practice area. 3CH 




Year  Semester  Course Credit Hours
1 Fall OTD-801 Academic Teaching Skills 3
    OTD-804 Advanced Clinical Outcomes 3
      Total Semester Hours 6
1 Spring OTD-805 Population-Based Health 3
    OTD-812 Visionary Leadership 3
      Total Semester Hours 6
1 Summer ELEC* From Approved Course List 3
Capstone Planning 3
      Total Semester Hours 6
2 Fall ELEC* From Approved Course List 3
    OTD-886 Capstone Proposal 3
    Total Semester Hours 6
2 Spring OTD-888 Post Prof Capstone Project 6
      Total Semester Hours 6
    Total Credit Hours:    30


Approved Course List *


OTD*808. Advanced Instructional Design  3 Credit Hours
OTD*827 Intuitive Leadership  3 Credit Hours
OTD*851 Independent Study 3 Credit Hours
OTD*851 Special Topics I   1-3 Credit Hours
OTD*852 Special Topics II   1-3 Credit Hours
IP*717 Telehealth Teams of the Future  3 Credit Hours
IP*715 Impact of Poverty on HC 3 Credit Hours

OTD*845 Teaching Experience 3 Credit Hours
OTD*850 Community-Based Elective  1-3 Credit Hours