The South Carolina Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (SC LEND) will make up 300 of the 500 hours of didactic education within the MUSC Physical Therapy Pediatric Residency. SC LEND long term trainees will be provided graduate level interprofessional training through academic, clinical, and community opportunities. The additional 200 didactic hours will focus on current innovative, evidence-based pediatric rehabilitation centered around child and family integrated care. All aspects of the Description of Residency Practice: Pediatrics will be addresses across the 11 months of the residency. Instructional design and humanities-based instruction will be included to enhance teaching and affective development in the resident. A voluntary global health experience is an elective within the residency.

Didactic experiences will be complemented by direct patient care and observations across a variety of settings including hospital, outpatient, school-based, and early intervention. Clinical participation and observations will also play a role within the residency programming.

The resident will participate in the following learning activities:

  • Reading assignments from scientific and clinical publications, clinical practice guidelines, and textbooks.
  • Critical reviewing and discussion of relevant clinical evidence.
  • Sharing of evidence with colleagues and faculty.
  • Assignments and examinations to ensure success on the Pediatric Clinical Specialist examination.
  • Literature searches associated with case reports development.
  • Inservice and/or state conference presentations.
  • Service learning/experiential learning project.