Physical Therapy Residency Programs

Geriatric Residency

A physical therapist helps an older male patient climb stairs

The program aims to elevate practice promoting optimal aging and improving the health of older adults through movement. The program is holistic by including the social determinants of health and integrating best practices understanding the role of the interprofessional team.

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Neurologic Residency

participant on treadmill in physical therapy clinic

The MUSC program also includes topics designed to improve all aspects of being a therapist, including neuroplasticity and motor learning, movement analysis, statistical interpretation, business management, professionalism, cultural competency, and teaching and learning theory.

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Orthopedic Residency

Orthopedic physical therapy resident working with a mentor.

Focus on patient-centered, evidence-based practice with independent didactic study, 1:1 mentoring with board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialists, hands-on and web-based classes.

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Pediatric Residency

Woman helping a small child sitting in a chair pet an animal

The program aims to develop reflective practitioners who constantly seek evidence to promote and provide excellent child and family-integrated care, optimize functional outcomes and life’s participation, utilize financial and physical resources efficiently, and strive for lifelong learning.

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