Courses & Curriculum

Course Descriptions

A full list of course descriptions can be found in the MUSC Bulletin. Courses for the DNAP program are indicated with the prefix AFN.


Detailed information on clinical sites can be found on the Anesthesia for Nurses web page.

Year  Semester  Course Credit Hours
1 Summer AFN-820 Information Systems 3
    AFN-823 Research Mthds for Nurse Anest 3
    AFN-815 Prof Issues Seminar 1
    AFN-817 Chemistry and Physics of Anest 2
    AFN-811 Princ of Evidence-Based Prac 3
      Total Semester Hours 12
1 Fall AFN-819 Human Anatomy for Nurse Anes 5
    AFN-821 Adv Health and Phys Assessment 3
    AFN-800 DNAP Seminar I 2
    AFN-825 Adv Physiology and Pathophys 5
      Total Semester Hours 15
1 Spring AFN-871 Managing Change in Healthcare 3
    AFN-826 Anesthesia Principles I 3
    AFN-831 Clinical Simulation I 2
    AFN-802 DNAP Seminar II 2
    AFN-861 Foundations in Leadership 3
    AFN-835 Adv Pharmacology I 3
      Total Semester Hours 16
2 Summer AFN-809 Mgmt Prin for Nurse Anes Prac 3
    AFN-832 Clinical Simulation II 2
    AFN-836 Advanced Pharmacology II 4
    AFN-828 Anesthesia Principles II 5
      Total Semester Hours 14
2 Fall AFN-830 Anesthesia Principles III 3
    AFN-841 Anesthesia Practicum I 5
    AFN-833 Clinical Simulation III 1
      Total Semester Hours 9
2 Spring AFN-842 Anesthesia Practicum II 10
    AFN-806 Foundations in HC Policy 3
    AFN-803  DNAP Seminar III   2 
      Total Semester Hours 15
3 Summer AFN-843 Anesthesia Practicum III 10
    AFN-805 Teaching and Learning 2
      Total Semester Hours 12
3 Fall AFN-844 Anesthesia Practicum IV 10
    AFN-807 Principles of Pain Management 2
    AFN-813 Clin Sim in Crisis Management 1
      Total Semester Hours 13
3 Spring AFN-845 Anesthesia Practicum V 10
    AFN-804  DNAP Seminar IV   2 
      Total Semester Hours 12
      Total Credit Hours 116