Curriculum & Course Descriptions

Coursework for the online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Studies will be completed in one and a half years over four semesters. Students will have a predetermined schedule with 12-13 credit hours each semester, for a total of 49 credit hours.

Topics covered in the curriculum include:

  • Foundations of Public Health
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Etiology and Pathophysiology of Chronic Diseases
  • Applied Research and Statistics in the Health Sciences
  • Epidemiology
  • Program Planning and Implementation
  • Evaluation of Health Programs
  • Introduction to Health Behavior and Education
  • Overview of the U.S. Health Care System
  • Introduction to Health Policy
  • Practicum

Course Descriptions

Full course descriptions can be found in the MUSC Bulletin. All courses for the Healthcare Studies are indicated with the prefix "HCS."


In addition to the coursework outlined below, students are required to attend on-campus sessions once per semester. These visits typically take place in August, January, May of each year on the MUSC campus in Charleston, SC. 


Students who have completed 72 semester hours, including all general education requirements, are eligible to apply. An Associate of Science degree from a South Carolina technical college is highly encouraged.  Students will complete courses online and attend on-campus sessions once a semester. Courses will be completed in one and a half years over four semesters. Courses will focus on the core functions of the US healthcare system and strategies to promote population health.

Year  Semester  Course Credit Hours
1 Fall HCS-300  Intro to Health Behavior/Educ 3
    HCS-302 Foundations of Public Health 3
    HCS-304 Social Determinants of Health 3
    HCS-307 Academic and Scientific Writing 3
    Total Semester Hours 12
1 Spring HCS-310 Program Planning and Implement 3
    HCS-312 /HAP-512* Overview of the U.S. Health or 
US Health Care System
    HCS-316 Etiology and Pathophysiology  3
    HCS-324 /HAP-524* Principles of Epidemiology or 
    HCS-330  Practicum Development  
      Total Semester Hours 13
1 Summer HCS-320 Introduction to Health Policy 3
    HCS-318 Evaluation of Health Promotion 3
    HCS-314 HAP-###* Applied Research and Statistic or
Leadership in the Health Prof or
      Total Semesters Hours 12
 2  Fall HCS-406 Global Health 3
    HCS-410 Rural Public Health 3
    HCS-322 Health and Disease Across the 3
Guided Practicum or 
      Total Semester Hours 12
      Total Credit Hours 50
      Total Prerequisite Coursework Hours  72
      Total Required Hours 122


*Required Courses for Accelerated Pathway/Advanced Standing for the BSHS to Master in Health Administration program.