Courses & Curriculum

Course Descriptions

A full list of course descriptions can be found on the MUSC Bulletin. Courses for the cardiovascular perfusion program are indicated with the prefix CVP.


Year  Semester   Course Credit Hours
1 Fall CVP-724 Quality Improvement and Inform 2
    CVP-772 Masters Research Project I 3
    CVP-726 Evidence-Based Medicine 2
      Total Semester Hours 7
1 Spring CVP-728 Leadership and Health Services 2
    CVP-773 Masters Research Project II 4
    CVP-730 Pathophysiology of Aging 1
      Total Semester Hours 7
1 Summer CVP-714 Cardiac Assist Devices 2
    CVP-774 Masters Research Project III 3
    CVP-719 Post Professional Pediatric  1
      Total Semester Hours 6
    Total Credit Hours 20
    Transfer Credits  10*
    Total Credits 30


**Transfer credits must be from an AC-PE accredited perfusion program and must not have been used as credits towards a first bachelor’s degree

**example of courses – pharmacology, physiology, pathophysiology