Life at MUSC

Life at MUSC

MUSC offers an array of special organizations and affinity and special interest groups that provide students opportunities to grow their interests in a variety of interprofessional environments. With a total student body of nearly 4,000, MUSC is home to more than 80 student organizations university-wide. In addition to those organizations, the College of Health Professions (CHP) offers five groups specifically for our 1,000+ students. 

CHP Student Organizations

CHP Student Government Association

The CHP Student Government Association(CHP SGA) provides a collective voice to students from all programs within the college. While all students are members of CHP SGA and able to attend meetings, student leaders from each program and class year are typically elected to represent their programs in monthly meetings. Additionally, on-campus programs elect student leaders to represent CHP as part of the MUSC Student Government Association (MUSC SGA). CHP SGA meetings are typically held once a month during the academic year and all students are welcome.

The purpose of the organization is to:

  • Serve as a liaison between the MUSC CHP Students and the college administration in order to represent and facilitate student opinions, needs, and interests; and to disseminate and promote the exchange of information from the administration to students.
  • Take action and increase the quality of student services and academic programs to further enhance the education of MUSC students.
  • Plan and execute a variety of social, cultural and recreational events to promote fellowship, personal growth, and enjoyment for CHP students.
  • Maintain a budget, within the allocated funds, to most effectively serve the CHP student body.
  • Enhance the relationship between students and MUSC & CHP Alumni Association.

Student Diversity Leadership Council

The Student Diversity Leadership Council (SDLC) is a student-led organization within CHP promoting the awareness of diversity-related issues and providing service to underserved communities in the Charleston area. Through interdisciplinary awareness, this organization encourages future health care professionals to engage in the diverse culture of health care today.

If you would like more information or have any questions on these organizations, please contact the Office of Student Engagement at 843-792-3326 or

Student Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Club

One area of advanced practice for occupational and physical therapists is in the field of hand and upper extremity therapy. Therapists can receive specialized training in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand to treat various musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders; and even go on to earn the designation of Certified Hand Therapist (CHT). The MUSC Student Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Club aims to provide occupational and physical therapy students learning opportunities to advance their clinical and professional skills within the field of upper extremity rehabilitation. Through monthly meetings during the academic year, members will have the opportunity to:

  • Build on their understanding of upper extremity anatomy, physiology, and pathology.
  • Improve their abilities to evaluate musculoskeletal and neurological functions of the upper extremity.
  • Practice reviewing literature and current research in the field of upper extremity rehabilitation
  • Participate in journal clubs
  • Network with peers, faculty, local CHTs, and others specializing in the field of upper extremity rehabilitation
  • Build on interprofessional skills
  • Prepare for clinical experiences and post-graduate opportunities in the field of upper extremity rehabilitation.

Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity

The MUSC COTAD Student Chapter was established in April 2021 and collaborates with other chapters across the country. This local chapter aims to support occupational therapy students in promoting diversity and inclusion within the workplace and local health community. We envision that this COTAD Student Chapter will provide a safe environment where students may gather to have open dialogue on current affairs, unconscious bias, and the impact of culture in the occupational therapy profession. MUSC COTAD Student Chapter Focus Points:

  • The promotion of diversity and inclusion within the occupational therapy curriculum and profession
  • Engaging in activities to learn about different cultural lifestyles, the impact of culture on occupation, social justice issues, and other related topics
  • Facilitating open dialogue among OTD students and staff about current events
  • Collaborate with other leaders on MUSC’s campus and other COTAD Chapters across the nation

MUSC Student Programs & Student Diversity

The Office of Student Programs and Student Diversity (SPSD) is committed to cultivating a diverse, inclusive, and supportive campus environment. SPSD pursues this goal by offering various opportunities for students to meaningfully engage with each other and the community around them. Through our programs, services, and partnerships across the University, we enhance the quality of campus life and assist students in their personal, cultural, and professional development. Visit the SPSD website.