Courses & Curriculum

Course Descriptions

Full course descriptions can be found in the MUSC Bulletin. All courses for the DHA program are indicated with the prefix "DHA"


The DHA requires a minimum of 58 semester hours organized as follows:

40 semester hours of Didactic Coursework (including 9 track focused hours)
18 semester hours of Doctoral Project semester hours (minimum requirement) 

Specific Track Selection:

Health Administrator (HA)
Health Professional (HP)


Year  Semester  Course Credit Hours
1 Fall DHA-800
Organizational Behavior (HA) or Healthcare Leadership (HP)  3
    DHA-805 Qualitative Methods 3
      Total Semester Hours 6
1 Spring DHA-801 Financial Management 3

  DHA-807 Managing Healthcare Info 3
      Total Semester Hours 6
1 Summer DHA-808 Health Politics & Advocacy 3
    DHA-867 Quantitative Methods for Resea 3
      Total Semester Hours 6
2 Fall DHA-865 National Health Policy
    DHA-850 Population Health Management 3
      Total Semester Hours 6
2 Spring DHA-809 Change Management&Negotiation 3
    DHA-812 Evidence based Decision Making 3
Diversity and Inclusion Mgmt
      Total Semester Hours 9
2 Summer DHA-814 Study Execution 3
    DHA-811 Current Topics in Healthcare 1
Strategy & Operations or
National Health Policy or
Leadership III
      Total Semester Hours 7
3 Fall DHA-990 Doctoral Project 9
      Total Semester Hours 9
3 Spring DHA-990 Doctoral Project 9
      Total Semester Hours 9
      Total Credit Hours 58

Elective Courses: 

DHA-817 - Strategy & Operations or
DHA-865-02 National Health Policy or
DHA-872 Leadership III