About the Program

The Occupational Therapy Educational program at MUSC was the first professional, graduate entry-level program in the state of South Carolina. The entry-level OTD is distinguished among the nation’s finest occupational therapy doctoral programs through its commitment to supporting health and participation in life. The program embraces the university’s core values: compassion, collaboration, respect, integrity, and innovation.

The Occupational Therapy Doctorate (OTD) degree prepares students for lifelong and rewarding careers. Graduates are prepared to improve the quality of life for people who experience difficulties and challenges to everyday living.

Our high-quality program is provided residentially at an academic medical center, as well as in a hybrid format. The curriculum is rigorous and engaging. Educational technology enhances classroom learning, group work develops professional skills, and experiential learning refines practice skills.


Interprofessional education is a hallmark of the program and involves connections with other health professionals across the campus and in the community. Research shows that working in teams produces better outcomes. Teamwork supports innovation and promotes excellence. Students have the opportunity to engage in interprofessional service activities like the CARES Therapy Clinic or medical mission trips. They may also elect to take additional interprofessional elective coursework or participate in the MUSC Interprofessional Education Fellowship.