Courses & Curriculum

Course Descriptions

Full course descriptions can be found in theĀ MUSC Bulletin. All courses for the MHA program are indicated with the prefix "HAP."


MHA - Residential Curriculum

Year  Semester  Course Credit Hours
1 Fall HAP-737  Organization Theory and 3
    HAP-721 Health Care Delivery Systems 3
    HAP-725 Statistical Analysis in Health 3
    HAP-726 Health Care Accounting 3
    HAP-756 Executive Skills I 1
      Total Semester Hours 13
1 Spring HAP-705 Health Economics 3
    HAP-729 Financial Mgmt for Hc Organiza 3
    HAP-730 Healthcare Project Management 3
    HAP-738 Management and Health 3
    HAP-632 Quality Mgmt of Hlth Care Svcs 1
      Total Semester Hours 13
1 Summer HAP-735 Health Law and Risk Management 3
    HAP-754 Summer Internship 10
      Total Semester Hours 13
2 Fall HAP-620 Healthcare Reimbursement Syste 3
    HAP-704 Health Policy 3
    HAP-740 Human Resource Management 3
    HAP-753  Seminar in Ethical Leadership 1
    IP-711 IP Foundations & Teamstepps 1
    IP-###  IP Concentration Course of choice 1
      Total Semester Hours 12
2 Spring HAP-722 Health Behavior and Epidemiology 3
    HAP-744  Decision Analytics 3
    HAP-746 Strategic Mgmt & Mkt 3
    ELEC* 1 Elective is required 3
      Total Semester Hours 12
      Total Credit Hours 63

MHA Approved Elective List

Students are eligible to take these courses as electives in the semesters in which they are available:

HAP*635 Language of Medicine Class
HAP*743 Managing Across the Continuum
HIN*706 Systems Analysis and Design