CHP building at night

Strategic Plan


To improve the health of populations by developing and inspiring health scientists and leaders.

A big societal issue that the College of Health Professions can help address is the growing crisis of chronic disease in America. According to the Center for Disease and Prevention, one in two Americans live with at least one chronic disease that consumes a significant amount of health care resources.

The College of Health Professions have identified three strategic priorities to achieve its vision and address the chronic disease crisis. Offer more online/hybrid programs to meet the needs of its students and have more health professions to address the projected shortage of physicians. Expand the health services research cohort to examine the roles that our professions can fill in the provision of cost-effective and value-based care that improves patient outcomes. Integrate more closely with the MUSC health care system to collaborate with clinical faculty.

Graphic depicting the College of Health Professions strategic priorities for 2022 with Strategic Priorities at the top with three items branching off below on the same level: Online/Hybrid Education, Health Services Research, and Integration with MUSC Health