Courses & Curriculum

Course Descriptions

A full list of course descriptions can be found in the MUSC Bulletin. Courses for the DNAP program are indicated with the prefix AFN.



Year Semester Course Credit Hours
1 Summer AFN-820 Information Systems 3
    AFN-811 Princ of Evidence-Based Prac 3
      Total Semester Hours 6
1 Fall AFN-806 Foundations in HC Policy 3
    AFN-800 DNAP Seminar I 2
      Total Semester Hours 5
1 Spring AFN-871 Managing Change in Healthcare 3
    AFN-802 DNAP Seminar II 2
    AFN-861 Foundations in Leadership 3
      Total Semester Hours 8
2 Summer AFN-805 Teaching & Learning 2
    AFN-803 DNAP Seminar III 2
    AFN-809 Mgmt Prin for Nurse Anes Prac 3
      Total Semester Hours 7
2 Fall AFN-804 DNAP Seminar IV 2
    AFN-807 Principles of Pain Management 2
    AFN-813 Clin Sim in Crisis Management 1
      Total Semester Hours 5
      Total Credit Hours 31