Frequently Asked Questions

Are any prerequisite courses required?
No, there are no required prerequisites.  We accept students with many different backgrounds.

Can I work while I’m in the program?
Yes, all of students maintain employment outside of the program.  The program is designed to wkr

Why should a student choose MUSC?

  • Qualified and dedicated faculty and staff: The faculty are excellent teachers, current in their fields and recognized for delivering a high quality education experience.
  • Ideal class size: Students get to know the faculty, classmates, and practitioners well and benefit from small group discussion and experiential learning in health care facilities.
  • Solid curriculum: The MSHI curriculum provides a strong educational background in health care informatics and data analytics through its core curriculum and encourages students to work interprofessionally with other students in the program
  • Internet: Online tools are used to facilitate communication between class sessions and provide students access to up-to-date, relevant material.

What are the educational backgrounds of MSHI students?
MSHI students have varied backgrounds. The Department believes diversity enriches the learning experience and creates an environment in which students can challenge each other with new ideas and approaches. 

What are the advantages of offering the MSHI program at an academic medical center like MUSC?
Students are surrounded by health care professionals and are able to gain exposure to real world issues and situations. They frequently have occasion to work as part of interdisciplinary teams, which is similar to what students will experience in the work environment.

What is tuition? 
Please visit Tuition and Fees for up-to-date program costs.

Is financial aid available?
Students are eligible to apply for financial aid through the Medical University of South Carolina Office of Financial Aid. On-line financial aid information at financial aid.

How are decisions regarding a student's application made?
The MSHI Faculty Admissions Committee reviews all student applications. Admissions decisions are holistic and are based on the student's grade point average (GPA), Graduate Record Examination (GRE scores or Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) scores, personal statement and three references.

What is the demand for graduates of an MSHI program?
U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics lists the field as growing much more rapidly than other fields over the next ten years, which means demand is high.  There is also great local and regional need for graduates of informatics programs. Our graduate placement rate is very high.

How often will I need to come to campus?
Students can expect to spend approximately five days on campus their first semester and four days (Thursday through Sunday) each of the remaining semesters.

What is the difference in course load between the full time and part time programs of study?
Students enrolled in the full time option take three courses each semester and students enrolled in the part time option take two courses per semester.

How long does it take to complete the program?
Students enrolled full-time in the MSHI program can complete the requirements in 4 semesters. Part time students will require 6 semesters to complete the program.