Courses & Curriculum

Course Descriptions

A full list of course descriptions can be found in the MUSC Bulletin. Courses for the the DPT program are indicated with the prefix PT.



Year  Semester  Course Credit Hours
1 Summer PT*700  Foundations of Physical Therap 2
    PT*705 Movement Science 3
    PT*705L Surface Anatomy Lab 1
    PT*718 Human Anatomy  5
    PT*764 Evidence Based Practice I 1
      Total Semester Hours 12
1 Fall PT*701 Neuroscience 4
    PT*712 Applied Physio and Nutrition 3
    PT*712L Applied Physio and Nutrition Lab 1
    PT*730 Musculoskeletal I 3
    PT*730L Musculoskeletal I Lab 3
    PT*752 Motor Development 2
      Total Semester Hours 16
1 Spring IP*711 IP Foundations & Teamstepps 1
    IP*TBD IP Concentration Course of choice 1
    PT*711 Clinical Pathophysiology
    PT*716 Biomechanical Analysis 1.5
    PT*724 Therapeutic Exercise 2
    PT*724L Therapeutic Exercise & Massage 1
    PT*731 Musculoskeletal II 3
    PT*731L Musculoskeletal II Lab  2
    PT*748 Pharmacology 1
      Total Semester Hours 15.5
2 Summer PT*725L Biophysical Agents Lab 1.5
    PT*727A Cardiovascular & Pulmonary A 2
    PT*727LA Cardiovascular/Pulmon PT LabA 0.5
    PT*732 Musculoskeletal III  3
    PT*732L Musculoskeletal III Lab 2
    PT*749 Healthcare Delivery 2
    PT*765 Evidence Based Practice II 1
      Electives var.
      Total Semester Hours 12
2 Fall PT*727B Cardiovascular & Pulmonary B 1
    PT*727LB Cardiovascular/Pulmon PT LabB 0.5
    PT*726L  Functional Mobility   1
    PT*728 Imaging/ Electrodiagnosis 2
    PT*733 Prosthetics and Orthotics 1.5
    PT*740 Clinical Practicum I 8
    PT*751 Integumentary Physical Therapy 2
    PT*766 Evidence Based Practice III 1
      Electives var.
      Total Semester Hours 17
2 Spring PT*746 Health Promotion 2
    PT*755 Neuromuscular I 3
    PT*755L Neuromuscular I Lab 3
    PT*710 Adult Development & Aging 3
    PT*760 Pediatrics 3
    PT*760L Pediatrics Lab 1
      Electives var.
      Total Semester Hours 15
3 Summer PT*717 Differential Diagnosis 2
    PT*756 Neuromuscular II 3
    PT*756L Neuromuscular II Lab 2
    PT*761 Practice Management 2
    PT*762L Clin Reason/Practice Lab 1
      Electives var.
      Total Semester Hours 10
3 Fall PT*741 Clinical Practicum II 10+12+
    PT*742 Clinical Practicum III 10
    PT*767 Evidence Based Practice IV 1
      Total Semester Hours 21
3 Spring PT*743 Clinical Practicum IV 12
      Total Semester Hours 12
      Total Didactic Hours 90.5
      Total Clinical Hours 40
      Total Credit Hours 130.5



PT*720 Private Practice

PT*695 Community Based Elective (Camp Hand to Hands)

PT*790 Sports Rehab Outreach I

PT*758 Manual Therapy – Lower Body

PT*734 Manual Therapy – Upper Body

PT*737 Trigger Point Dry Needling

PT*735 CSCS Exam Prep

PT*736 Sports Rehab Outreach II

PT*768 Special Topics

PT*729 Special Topics in Pediatrics

PT*800 PT Education I

PT*801 PT Education II

PT*802 PT Education III

PT*810 PT Research I

PT*811 PT Research II

PT*812 PT Research III