Courses & Curriculum

Coursework for the Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies will be completed in twenty-seven months over seven semesters. Students will have a predetermined schedule with a range from 10-23 credit hours each semester, for a total of 116 credit hours.

Course Descriptions

Full course descriptions can be found in the MUSC Bulletin. All course descriptions for the program begin with the prefix "PA*."


Year  Semester  Course Credit Hours
1 Summer PA*606  Human Anatomy 6
    PA*607 Intro to the PA Profession 1
Bioethics   1
    PA*632 Principles of Pharmacology 2
    PA*643 Human Physiology & Basic Patho 3
      Total Semester Hours 13
1 Fall PA*614 Fundamentals of Clin Med I 6
    PA*617 Clinical Problem Solving I 2
    PA*624  Pharmacotherapeutics I  3
    PA*634 History & Physical Exam Skills 2
    PA*654 Diagnostic Medicine I 2
    PA*662 Pathophysiology I 3
Cultural Competency
Research Methods for Hlth Prof   
      Total Semester Hours 23
1 Spring PA*615 Fundamentals of Clin Med II 6
    PA*618 Clinical Problem Solving II 2
    PA*625 Pharmacotherapeutics II 3
    PA*636 Clinical Skills & Procedures 2
    PA*655 Diagnostic Medicine II 2
    PA*656  Public Health   1
    PA*663  Pathophysiology II  3
    PA*690  Graduate Project I  1
    IP*711 IP Foundations & TeamSTEPPS 1
    IP*XXX IP Concentration Course of Choice
      Total Semester Hours 22
2 Summer PA*616 Fundamentals of Clin Med III 3
    PA*619 Clinical Problem Solving III 1
    PA*626 Pharmacotherapeutics III 2
    PA*642 Pertinent Topics in Peds 1
    PA*651 Geriatrics 1
    PA*652 Principles of Emergency Medic 2
    PA*653 Principles of Surgical Care 2
    PA*691 Graduate Project II 1
    Total Semester Hours 13
    Total Didactic Credit Hours 71
2 Fall PA*670 Clinical Rotation I *
    PA*672 Clinical Rotation II *
    PA*674 Clinical Rotation III *
      Total Semester Hours 15
2 Spring PA*676 Clinical Rotation IV *
    PA*678 Clinical Rotation V *
    PA*679 Clinical Rotation VI *
    PA*680  Clinical Rotation VII * 
      Total Semester Hours 20
3 Summer PA*682
Clinical Rotation VIII *
    PA*685 Clinical Rotation Elective *
      Total Semester Hours 10
      Total Clinical Credit Hours 45
    Total Credit Hours:    116

* Students are scheduled in the following disciplines for clinical rotations 1-8; Emergency medicine, Family medicine, Internal medicine, Mental health, Pediatrics, Surgery, Women’s Health, and Adjunct Clinical Experience (ACE). In addition the students are required to complete an elective in a specialty of their choice.