Healthcare Studies Alumni Spotlight: Jeff Janecek

CHP Web Team
March 22, 2021
Jeff Janecek

Meet Jeff Janecek, Class of 2019

What South Carolina Technical College did you attend?

Trident Technical College

Why did you choose the Healthcare Studies program?

I chose the Healthcare Studies program because after 9 years of being an X-ray tech I decided to advance my career by becoming a physician assistant (PA). In order to do that, I needed a bachelor’s degree, and this program was the easiest way. I knew as a provider I would need to expand my knowledge of health care systems, on a local and national scale, as well as social determinants of health, and this program focuses heavily on both.

What was the most valuable part of the program?

The most valuable part of the program is the ability to complete the courses online and on your own time. As a parent and multiple business owner, it was extremely helpful in order to balance my life. Additionally, Dr. Gellar and all of the professors are very accommodating and extremely willing to help in any and all ways possible.

The most valuable part of the curriculum is the multitude of ideas and subjects covered as opposed to being focused solely on one concept. Courses such as epidemiology, social determinants of health, national and foreign health policy, rural health, and the final practicum are all used to complement each other to create a well-rounded program.

What are you doing post-graduation?

I have recently been accepted to the PA program at MUSC and will begin in May 2021.

What advice would you give to someone considering this program?

Honestly, apply today! I have no regrets and would absolutely recommend the program! I was a part of the program's third cohort and although we were a small group, I suspect it won't be long until this program is on a waiting list due to its convenience and quality.