Healthcare Studies Alumni Spotlight: Rebecca Brewer

CHP Web Team
March 25, 2021
Rebecca Brewer

Meet Rebecca Brewer, Class of 2019

What South Carolina Technical College did you attend?

Trident Technical College

Why did you choose the HCS program?

I chose the HCS program because I was working at a local oncology clinic as their pharmacy supervisor and had begun taking on extra clinical and administrative tasks. After working closely with both the clinical manager and the practice manager and learning more about the management side of health care, I knew I would need to further my education, so I started researching different health care programs. I knew that by being a part of any health care program I would learn more about how I can continue to make a difference both in peoples’ lives and in society. Another reason I chose this bachelor’s degree program was that it allowed me to continue to work full-time and go to school online.

What was the most valuable part of the program?

The HCS program gave me many insights into and information about the health care field. I had been working in health care for fifteen years, but this program allowed me to grow academically and professionally. I was able to take classes with classmates from a variety of backgrounds and learned from them as we well as my professors. For this I am thankful! Without the diversity and assistance from my classmates and more specifically, my professors, I would not have gained the vast amount of knowledge I gained across all different areas of health care.

What are you doing post-graduation?

After graduating from the HCS program, I was accepted into MUSC’s Executive Master of Health Administration program and will graduate in the spring of 2021. I went straight into this master’s from the HCS program and the foundation of the HCS program has made me more comfortable in a graduate program. I am currently looking for a career in the oncology field since that is where my heart is most comfortable at the moment. The oncology practice I work for is considering creating a position for me and eventually, I hope to be practice manager or administrator.

What advice would you give to someone considering this program?

I would tell them to apply to this program. This was the most educational program I’ve experienced and even with my all my past history in health care, I benefited from the in-depth classes. This degree helped me advance in my current health care position and I know will continue to help me further my career. It also allowed me to further my education into a graduate program at MUSC seamlessly. If you are contemplating this program and you want to have a career in health care, this program will advance your education and career!