Five tips for completing your application to MUSC MS in Speech-Language Pathology program for Fall 2024

CHP Web Team
November 02, 2023
5 tips to complete your slp application on blue background with orange green and light blue circles

1. Submit transcripts to CSDCAS now, even if you are currently enrolled in fall courses.

Due to our December 15, 2023, deadline, there isn’t time to wait on fall grades. You will have the opportunity to make an academic update including your fall grades in January. The details regarding this process can be found in the CSDCAS Applicant Help Center section under Updating Your CSDCAS Application (Academic Update).

2. Reach out to your evaluators personally.

Let them know to be on the lookout for the email request from CSDCAS. Be proactive and send them your resume so they can see what you’re sharing with us. It may also serve as a reminder of all the great things you have accomplished. Keep a close eye on their status in CSDCAS so you can send an occasional reminder when needed and a big thank you once it has been received.

3. Upload any observation hours you have completed.

Your 25 hours of observation do not have to be complete at the time you apply. Please upload documentation of what has been done when you apply, the rest will need to be completed prior to enrollment.

4. Submit your CSDCAS application early.

The deadline to submit all application materials is December 15, 2023, and there will only be a two-week grace period to allow for applications to be verified. During this phase of the admissions cycle, the verification process can take several weeks. Due to this and the variability of holiday schedules, we recommend setting an early personal deadline for submission. Dedicate time over the Thanksgiving break to put the final touches on your application. It is also advised to submit your application even if your transcripts and evaluations (Letters of Recommendation) are still on their way. This will allow your application to go directly into the queue for verification once your final item arrives.

5. Don’t forget to submit your MUSC supplemental application.

You’re almost done with the application process! Once your application has been verified for accuracy by CSDCAS we will take over. We will communicate with you regarding any remaining materials we will need before your application can be considered complete. Those materials could include:

  • The MUSC Supplemental Application
  • The Essay/Personal Statement (CSDCAS Upload)
  • Your Resume (CSDCAS Upload)
  • 3 References (CSDCAS Evaluations)
  • Observation Hours Documentation (CSDCAS Upload)