CEDAR Agreement


Voucher-supported projects

When research projects are voucher-supported

  • CEDAR faculty will track hours and notify you of exhaustion
  • 2 hours of discussing the research plan are free

Voucher owner’s responsibilities

  • Voucher is for the PI and cannot be delegated
  • Must be present at all meetings
  • Must provide a complete research design document prior to initiation of the research project

Prior to beginning research

Specification of research project (research design document) shall be made by the PI and consists of:

  • Design, major independent variables, outcomes must be specified in detail in writing
  • The voucher owner shall provide a written list of all appropriate ICD & CPT codes
  • Authorship order needs to be agreed upon and specified in the research design document
  • Pre-specification of research plans is important for efficiency and good conduct of research

Research plan changes

  • On occasion, initial data analysis requires reformulation of the analysis plan.
  • Changes must be made in writing, and may require additional funding.
  • If major changes to the design are made after initiation of the research, the research project will go to the bottom of the queue.


  • Either party can discontinue the work relationship.
  • Meetings shall be held during business hours: 9 AM – 4 PM

Print or download: CEDAR Agreement (PDF)